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Haus Cristal is situated in a quiet and sunny location, only a few minutes from the village square. In winter, with good snow conditions, you can even ski almost to our doorstep!


Leukerbad is easy to reach by bus and train, check your connection to “Leukerbad, Busterminal” on

Hotel Croix-Fédérale (Restaurant Walliserkanne), where check-in will take place, is located on the way from the bus terminal to Haus Cristal, just next to the church.


Do not follow Google Maps, as it might lead you the wrong way! At the roundabout at the beginning of the village, take the first exit (to the right). After 1.2km on the road circling the village, you will see Haus Cristal on your left (apartment building in cream colour). Do not drive through the village center, as it is partially closed to car traffic. Temporarily park your car next to the entrance (arrival parking).

Continue by foot to Hotel Croix-Fédérale (Restaurant Walliserkanne, follow the road below Haus Cristal), where check-in will take place. Your parking number will be assigned at check-in.

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